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The Strategic Advance

Because True Leaders Never Retreat

an Executive Program for Deliberate Success

For Your Board & Execs

By the Numbers

Learn what your Board and Executive Team need to know about extracting insights from the data fundamental to your business.

YOUR Data Insights

"Let the data speak" because they have much to say. What YOUR data is trying to tell you?

Let me help you turn your data into profits.

For Your Data and Business Teams

Where Business
& Data Meet

Does your business side of the house know how to ask for what you need from the data side? Learn how to communicate with each other and get some stuff done!

On-Demand Data Analytics Training

Everything you need to know from a business perspective about gaining insights from your data - without having to learn how to program in Python or R...promise! :)

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Find Data, Strategy,
& Risk Culture Answers

My blog posts, publications, and podfolio contain practical tips for gaining better insights into your data and your business strategies as well as better communication between your business and data teams and with your Board.